Packer's Field

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Planning Application News - December 2006

The City Academy has put in a new planning application from that on their current planning permission; the changes are to alter the location of the pavilion and the entrance to the site itself has changed, which will mean all traffic going up Johnsons Lane and surrounding roads.

If this plan if granted, it means that the majority of the edge of Packers Field that borders Johnsons Lane will be taken up with tarmac, a pavilion, 1.5 metre hedges as well as a 6-foot high fence. This will obscure the view across the field enjoyed for many years by local people.

You can comment on this planning application either in writing (quote the application number below and send to the planning department) or via the planning section of the Bristol City Council website at

The planning application number is - 06/04565/F the planning officer and the closing date for comment is 21/12/2006.

It is worth commenting on this even if you feel it will make no difference to the outcome. All public responses have to be made available to the council committee deciding on planning applications and the committee is made up of councillors who are in their position thanks to local people voting for them. Let them know your views.

Finally you may also be interested to know that the Transportation Statement document mentions “A running track”. In the Traffic Generation and Impact section it also states under a heading “Evening Use” that “ The evening sessions would be for up to 50 adult athletes from 7pm until 9.30pm each night (Monday to Thursday) on top of the football and cricket training. This will add to traffic and will also need floodlights. This is not part of this current planning application but is now being planned by Bristol City Council.