Packer's Field


Packer's Chocolate Factory Campaign

Residents in Greenbank have started a campaign to insure that any development of the factory site is appropriate to the local area and community.

Open Spaces

Organisation that works to protect common land and public rights of way.

Planning Sanity

The website of the Campaign For Planning Sanity, a group who support local communities having a greater say in development proposals. Very good resource for anyone who have found themselves adversely affected by planning decisions.

Decent Parks

Here are some examples of how neglected public spaces can be turned around with a bit of cash and a little TLC. Note the example of St Agnes Park in Bristol.

The Office Of The Deputy Prime Minister

Prescott and his department have produced a report that says a lot about how important it is to preserve green spaces in urban areas. An interesting read, if nothing else.


Britain's largest teaching union is campaigning against New Labour's drive to privatise state education via Academies.

Campaign For State Education

Some more people who are fed up with Academies and the attempts by successive governments to run down state education.

Campaign To Protect Rural England

It's not just green fields in our cities that are under the planners' knives

Claverton Down

Some folk over at Bath are facing exactly the same predicament.

Friends Of The Earth

Campaign Against Academies In Merton