Packer's Field

News: Packers Field Picnic


Thursday 17th August from 7pm

A fond farewell to Packers Field as we know it…..ALL WELCOME!!!

Construction work on Packers Field is due to start on Friday 18th August, marking the end of many generations of free, open access to the site by the local community. Before the fences go up and the public are kicked off, we would like the community to have one last chance to enjoy it as they always have- for fun, for recreation, for socialising… and for free!!! Many people have used and loved this green space over the years, if you are one of them please come along and enjoy yourself. The picnic will start from 7pm (strictly bring your own), and will be a chance to relive old times, meet like-minded people, and also discuss your thoughts and fears about the development. The pro-Packers campaign will not die when the fences go up, and there is still an opportunity to influence the future of the site (see below).

In addition to the picnic, we would like to see as much informal recreation on the field as possible. Please bring a bat, a ball, a book or a banjo, and remember why we need free, open access to places like Packers. Adults and children all welcome. Hope to see you there!