Packer's Field

News: The Proposed Community Use Agreement

When the Department for Education and Skills provide funding to support development of school facilities there is a requirement for the school to have in place a document called a Community Use Agreement. This document outlines access rights to the facilities for local community groups and sports teams.

For Packers Field this is very important because we need the document to also outline access to the whole site, not just the playing facilities.

We want the Academy and the Council to take this requirement seriously and to put in place a document that will clearly spell out how the community will have free and open access to the site at all times and also the right to use the facilities easily and in a cost-effective way.

To this end the draft Community Use Agreement on the website has been produced to try and make sure the above happens. It is hoped that this can be used to secure community use in the future.

Read The Draft Community Use Agreement (PDF File 130KB)